Raphaela is an avid Amazon shopper and product reviewer. Her love of finding and recommending products to her friends and family ultimately led her to become an Amazon Influencer and start 'She Found It On'. She holds a Masters in Customer and User Experience Design and spends her free time raising her two beautiful children, weight training and creating content for her multiple YouTube channels. Influencer Lifestyle Channel: Customer Experience Channel: Product Review Channel: Work Together: Check Out Her Amazon Faves:

What Am I Up To On YouTube?

Raphaela Laurean YouTube News

My YouTube channels focus on both sides of the Influencer Marketing business. On my Raphaela Laurean channel, I share influencer life, tips and how to become and make money as an influencer. On my She Found It On YouTube channel,…

What Am I Up To On Amazon?

Raphaela Laurean Amazon News

I am always creating new product reviews, product videos and lifestyle content for my Amazon Influencer Storefront. All of my Amazon and Product Video type of is under the brand name ‘She Found It On’, because I love to show…

Become An Influencer?

How To Become An Amazon Influencer

With so many people contacting me privately to ask me how to become an Amazon Influencer, I have decided to create an Ebook to help. The book will be released in December of 2023. If you want to be notified…

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