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  • Pricing Special Until 1/01/24 Only
  • General Product Research
  • You Provide The Script
  • 15 Second To 1 Minute UGC Video
  • Filmed In Whatever Style You Like
  • You Get The Video To Put On Your Socials
  • Increase Sales Now And Beat Your Competition
  • Full Details Below In Product Description ↓ ↓ ↓


We live in the world of vertical content. Everyone is viewing content on their phones from TikTok and YouTube Shorts to Amazon and beyond. User Generated Content is a great way to showcase your product to your potential customers and give them more details to help them decide to buy. Products with short, UGC videos that highlight a pain point and then provide a solution to the customer sell more product. People feel that they better understand the product, as they have ‘seen’ it solve their problem before making their purchase.

In my UGC videos, I film in my home creating a lifestyle look and feel. Once I have completed your video, I may add your product to my Amazon Idea List to give your product better exposure.  I have 40+ Idea Lists, separated by category, and I will add your product to the most appropriate one if I feel like it would resonate with my followers. You may not pay for a spot on these lists. Products are listed there solely at my discretion. Your product may also be included in an Amazon Haul or Gift Ideas Video on YouTube or in an Amazon Livestream at no additional cost.

My UGC Video is a wonderful way to create evergreen content that you may use on any of your social media channels, your YouTube channel as a YouTube Short or on your website. You own the rights to the video for those purposes and I will not share it on any of my social media accounts. Invest in your product and your potential customers today by giving them this wonderful tool to help them really see your product before making their purchase.

Please see below for the next steps if you are interested in moving forward.



How Does It Work?

Step 1:

Choose your Influencer Service (Amazon Video, UGC Video Or YouTube Video) and complete checkout. I will reach out to you within 24 hours to provide you with the shipping address where you may send your product(s). After that, you will simply provide me with the product link to your product on Amazon or on your website. You just send me the product, your script and any specific requirements that you may have and I will take it from there. Once shipped, please email me the tracking number for your product so that I may keep an eye out for it and add it to my filming schedule.

Step 2:

All projects are completed within two weeks of receipt of your product. Once completed, I will upload your video to my Dropbox account and share a link for you to view the video. All UGC videos will be watermarked until final approval has been given and payment has been released. At that point, you will be sent a copy of the final video without a watermark for your use. You may download it from there and upload it to any of your social media accounts or websites.

Step 3:

Sit back, smile and watch your sales increase, because you made it easier for your customers to choose you. Let me be your secret weapon and keep me in mind for future projects. Let’s work together!

  1. The $150 price point above will increase to $300 on 01/01/2024. The $150 rate is an introductory rate, so book now to save.
  2. You know your product and customers best, so clients are responsible for providing the script.
  3. Due to the amount of work that it takes to both create and edit UGC content, your script will be filmed as it is submitted after we speak. I will explain this when I reach out to you after you place your order.
  4. I will only create a revision video if I make a mistake during filming.
  5. You may use your UGC content on any of your websites or social media accounts.
  6. Should you need full broadcast rights (Ads, TV, etc), please contact me directly to discuss pricing if that becomes a need for you. Don’t worry, I am very reasonable and always fair with my clients. Repeat business matters to me.
  7. Your video will be somewhere between 15 seconds and 1 minute in length. I always film the shortest video that tells the story. I film from the perspective of getting a buyer from considering your product to buying your product. Sometimes that can be accomplished in a few seconds and sometimes it deserves an entire minute. I will always do what is best for your customers and your brand.
  8. I film all UGC content from my iPhone in 4K, as it feels very authentic and relatable. All UGC Videos will be delivered in a vertical (TikTok style) format. The high production value associated with camera equipment and lights feels ‘paid for’ and the goal of your UGC content is to get your customers to connect with and purchase your product(s).
  9. Sometimes I speak in videos and some videos can tell the story without a single word. This will vary from video to video and I will defer to your judgement on this.
  10. My videos will be filmed in my home as a lifestyle type of video.
  11. I can not pretend to be your customer and do a paid testimonial. I can create an amazing, fast paced, high converting video that makes your customers choose you.
  12. My clients love how I pretty much handle everything for them. You just send me the product and let me do the heavy lifting. I will take very good care of you.
  13. What are you waiting for? Decide on your service, buy it and ship your product to me. Let me create something wonderful for you and for your customers. I can’t wait to work with you.
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